Exploring Podcasts Navigating MPEs


Come chat with podcasters who all have amazing podcasts associated with MPEs.

Christina Bryan Fitzgibbons is a Northern California-based genetic and family investigator. Her expertise is in helping adoptees and those conceived through assisted conception find and connect with biological families or interpret paternity. She co-hosts the podcast with Jodi Klugman-Rabb which interviews people about the DNA revelations.

Dani Shapiro is the author of the instant New York Times best-selling memoir, Inheritance, published in January 2019 by Knopf. Her other books include the memoirs Hourglass, Still Writing, Devotion, and Slow Motion, and five novels including Black & White and Family History.  Family Secrets features stories from guests who—like Dani— have uncovered life-altering and long-hidden secrets from their families’ past.

Heidi Marble is a cancer survivor and advocate who author the book Pulled By the Root – The Lived Experience of Adoption Trauma and Healing which is an account of her experience as an adoptee and explores the issues of trauma, identity, attachment, and healing in adoption. Her podcast follows the same themes.

Lily Wood experienced her own DNA surprise when she took an over-the-counter DNA test and her ethnicity results were not what she thought they should be. And she was matched with an unknown half-brother. She learned she was the product of a one-night stand. She launched her podcast two years ago to help others find comfort in hearing about different misattributed parentage experiences and help people find community.