Intersectionality of DNA Surprises


Join Right to Know’s CEO & Co-founder Kara Rubinstein Deyerin as she discusses the similar impacts and experiences of people with an NPE, adoptees, and donor-conceived people as well as raising and genetic parents. We’ll review the three stages most of us with a DNA surprise experience: Discovery, Rollercoaster, and Architect noting how we overlap and differ.

Discovery: spilling the beans, monachopsis, paperwork, DTC DNA test, coming out of the FOG for adoptees, DCPs, and people with a genetic parent “out there.”

Rollercoaster: emotions, anger & shame, identity crisis, existential gratitude, money tied to origins, and medical information.

Architect: self-worth & esteem, editing & creating new experiences, Ghost Kingdom, Secrecy Family Dynamics, Reunion & Rejection