Managing Your Account after a DNA Surprise


It can be very confusing about what to do with your tree(s) once you have a DNA surprise. Join DNAngels Kelly Grace Hickey and Ashlee Krump as they answer your questions and talk about how to:

  • Organize and make new trees
  • Public versus Private tree
  • Invite people to your tree
  • Add people with unique relationships (you may not be genetically related to)
  • Use notes and groups
  • Verify those green leaves – don’t assume their right
  • Sleuth out information
  • Identify if someone else in your tree has an MPE
  • Reach out to new family


Kelly Grace is a native of the Midwest, having grown up in Ohio and Wisconsin.  She grew up knowing that she was a much-wanted child, because her mother defied medical advice by both getting pregnant and then giving birth to her while terminally ill.  Her mother passed when Kelly Grace was five years old, and she was raised by her father and stepmother.  She did not realize until she was 46 years old that her beloved father who raised her was not her biological father and that her mother had taken extraordinary measures to bring her into this world.  While searching for her father’s estranged family, she found a half-sister, although it took some time to make the connection.  Kelly is very close to the sister she grew up with. She lives in a rural town south of Atlanta with her husband, Len, and her clowder of special need cats. She has many years of experience tracking down missing people and can now add the tale of her conception to her collection of odd paternity stories. She works as a Family Law and Estate Paralegal.


Ashlee is a Search Angel and Research Team Lead.  Ask her husband, sister, children, or nieces, and nephews, and they will tell you that Mommy/Auntie is always right!  It’s not that she has to be right, she just always is!  If you ask Ashlee to describe herself, she’ll tell you the truth.  She’s kind of a weirdo.  Ashlee grew up nd lives in Portland, OR with her husband, who is a professional photographer; her kids (7, 9, 13, and 21); her dog, Rocket; two rabbits; a baby tortoise named Herman; and a 43-year-old turtle that has been in her husband’s care for most of his life.  She first got into DNA and genetic genealogy to solve the mystery of her husband’s biological father and got hooked.  She’ll confess that her ADHD has her interested in a lot of different things:  she repairs cameras for her husband’s business, fixes vintage sewing machines for funsies, rescues bunnies as part of the non-profit Rabbit Advocates, and also works as a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) volunteer for Foster children.  She’s been a Kindergarten teacher, a swim instructor, and a homeschooling mom. Family is incredibly important to Ashlee. Her own blended family includes a brother, a sister, a few half-siblings, and a surrogate child that she carried for her German friends.  It’s clear to see that Ashlee has a huge heart as well as her bubbly personality.