State of Affairs in Assisted Conception


Dr. Diane Tober will discuss technology and the family and egg donorship, then author Peter J. Boni will review the history of sperm donation and talk about his journey as a donor-conceived person (DCP). Finally, Dr. Damian Adams will finish off with an examination of the physiological and mental health impacts on DCP.

Dr. Tober is an Assistant Adjunct Professor at the University of Alabama. She is a cultural and medical anthropologist with a focus on gender and sexuality, the commodification of the body, science and technology studies, bioethics, and social and reproductive justice. She has been conducting research exploring egg donors’ decisions and experiences within the global market for human eggs since 2013.

In Peter’s new book Uprooted, he intimately shares his personal odyssey and acquired expertise to advocate for regulatory oversight of the multibillion-dollar reproductive industry that conceives hundreds of half-siblings from a single donor—children and adults who are unaware of the existence of their half-siblings.

Dr. Adams is an adjunct researcher at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Flinders University, Australia, and has previously spent over 25 years working as a laboratory scientist. His doctoral research investigated the welfare outcomes of donor-conceived people, the ethics of donor conception practice, and ART epidemiological outcomes. Dr. Adams, a DCP, has published 12 peer-reviewed publications on donor conception.