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It is a fundamental human right to know your genetic identity
ACEP No. 7181

MPE-Education.org is an initiative of Right to Know. We advocate for anyone impacted by DNA surprises, adoption, assisted reproduction, and non-paternal events (NPE) and promote understanding of the complex intersection of genetic information, identity, and family dynamics.

Right to Know’s MPE-Education.org website is the first-ever educational platform dedicated to providing information on DNA surprises and misattributed parentage to professionals and the general public. With this initiative, we aim to tackle one of the most important aspects of the MPE discovery – the need for training for licensed therapists and information for those impacted by DNA surprises, being misattributed, adoption, assisted reproduction, and adoption.

Right to Know provides continuing education credit hour CE courses for licensed therapists as well as general classes for the public related to MPEs as non-CE courses (no credit hours). We also offer recordings of past live webinars featuring prominent professionals to discuss MPE-related topics.

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