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The Right to Know MPE Education program was established with the principal goal of providing education for those seeking information about their misattributed parentage experience (MPE) and those who desire training to support the MPE community. In support of that goal, we offer a Library of: Continuing Education (CE) courses, non-CE courses, and webinars.

Our dynamic on-demand courses are engaging and have more value than most other on-demand courses because it’s like attending a live class. You watch a video and see the instructor and materials in real-time. Plus, you have the capability of pausing and re-watch at any time. CE courses include periodic interactive review materials to support understanding and retention of the materials and a final test to assess participants’ comprehension.

We believe licensed therapists should have access to education to broaden their understanding of the unique challenges and issues facing the MPE community. If you specifically require a course with continuing education accreditation, please view our CE Course page. Otherwise, please visit our non-CE course page.

Our webinars are recordings of past live hosted panel discussions where invited guest speakers share their insights and perspectives on topics of interest to the MPE community.

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