Loss & Grief in MPEs (CE Course)


This introductory level class is designed to familiarize therapists with how loss and grief impact people with a misattributed parentage experience (MPE) and is taught through the lens of a non-paternal event (NPE). First, we review the concepts of loss and grief. We will examine how loss and grief complicate a person’s ability to heal from an MPE. Research indicates participating in artistic creations can offer a therapeutic and transformational tool for those suffering from complex trauma like an MPE. Practitioners will be introduced to different treatment modalities for loss and grief that can assist people with an MPE. One key aspect of assisting people with healing with trauma is utilizing peer-led support groups. There are many peer-led support groups for people with an MPE and we explore the benefits of participating in such groups to assist with coping with the loss and grief from an MPE.

This course is taught by Cotey Bowman, MA, LPC Associate.


  • Evaluating how loss and grief complicate healing from an MPE 
  • Understanding artistic creations for dealing with grief 
  • Comparing treatment modalities for loss and grief for people with an MPE
  • Identify community and support available for people with an MPE 


  • Foundational Concepts of Loss and Grief
  • Distinguishing disenfranchised grief and ambiguous loss 
  • Impacts and Treatment of Loss and Grief for people with an MPE

1.5 Credit Hours