Understanding Your Ancestry.com DNA Test Results


This class provides an overview of how to understand your Ancestry.com over-the-counter DNA test results. We guide you in how to read your ethnicity estimate results, understanding your DNA matches, we teach you what a centimorgan is and what shared cM relationships means, we show you how to build a family tree and how to attach your DNA results to a tree, an overview of the basics of ThruLines, and provide you with some pitfalls to watch out for and helpful tips.

We also explain what to look for when your results are not what you expected – meaning when your ethnicity isn’t what you thought it should be or if there are DNA matches you don’t recognize.

The class is broken into three videos:

  • Introduction, and Ethnicity, DNA Matches
  • Building a Tree and ThruLines
  • Unexpected Results and Pitfalls & Tips

This class is taught by Kelly Grace at DNAngels.

DNAngels is a nonprofit that helps people who are searching for a biological parent through the use of genetic genealogy. They accept clients who are adopted, donor-conceived, adult former foster children, have unknown parentage, or people with an NPE’s (Non-Paternal Event)and never charge to find a biological parent – donations appreciated.