Untangling Our Roots Digital Summit


Join us for the first-ever summit sponsored by Right to Know and the National Association of Adoptees and Parents (NAAP) to unite the adoption, assisted reproduction, and non-paternal event communities into one amplified voice; advance awareness and education; seek truth and healing; and foster connections and understanding. Watch our digital conference including our keynote speaker adoptee, DCP and NPE panel, plenary speaker, and 27 speaker workshops* and panels.


  • Plenary Speaker Paul Joseph (Jack) Fronczak
  • Keynote Speaker Panel with adoptee Astrid Castro, DCP Chrysta Bilton, and NPE Christine Jacobsen


  1. Coming Out of the FOG and Into Your True Self: Amy Barker D’Alessandro and Jennifer Joy Phoenix
  2. DNA Search Angels to the Rescue: DNAngels
  3. DNA Surprises and its Impact on Identity: Michele Grethel
  4. Flash Memoir Writing: Michele Kriegman
  5. Genetic Identity Crises and Careers – How to Find Your True Self at Work: Michelle Tullier
  6. How to Be an Effective Legislative Advocate: Rich Uhrlaub and IN Senator Jon Ford
  7. Mind/Body/Energy Training for Self-Love and Forgiveness: Danielle Gaudette
  8. Minefields: Communicating in High Conflict Situations: Megan Hunter
  9. Navigating Your Genetics and Health: Gina Davis
  10. Reunion and Pitfalls: Leslie Mackinnon
  11. Self Care Habits – 3+ Years After Discovery: Ereka Howard
  12. Setting Boundaries for Healthy Relationships: Krista Driver
  13. Squaring the Hippocratic Oath & MPEs: Richard Wenzel
  14. Summit Think Tank – a Call to Action: Kara Rubinstein Deyerin
  15. Tai Chi for Emotional Regulation and Self Care: Theresa Knorr
  16. Transformative Journey Storytelling: Carla Barnes
  17. Weaving Your Unraveled Past Self into Your Present & Future: Joyce Maguire Pavao
  18. Writing Prompts to Explore The Impact of Your Adoption, Donor Conception, or NPE: Joni Mantell 


  1. Adoption Constellation – Lessons Learned & Implications for the Future
  2. Assisted Reproduction: Ethics & Human Rights in Our Origins
  3. Authors: Loss and Unknown Roots
  4. Ethnicity Shifts from a DNA Surprise
  5. Fathers’ Perspectives: Birth/Genetic/First and Raising/Social/Adoptive
  6. Mothers’ Perspectives: Birth/Genetic/First and Raising/Social/Adoptive
  7. MPE Speakers: The Impact of Growing Up with Secrets & Lies
  8. Podcasters: Themes of Genetic Identity Discoveries
  9. Your Origins…It’s Big Business

Also, please watch @ghostkingdom, Reckoning with the Primal Wound (Code UNTANGLE), The Lost Sons, or the preview to All You Need Is Love

* most are pre-recorded, some are live recordings