Understanding Your DNA Relationships


We discuss genetic genealogy, DNA match basics, and how DNA never lies. We’ll dive into DNA tools with the DNA testing websites and DNA Painter. Case studies will illustrate how to understand DNA relationships. Bring your questions for Andrew Lee with Family History Fanatics and Marian Woods, the Genetic Detective.

Family history should be fun. If not, you’re doing it wrong. You want to understand how your DNA matches relate to you and whether you should believe your ethnicity estimates. You want to climb your family history accurately but not become bogged down in tedious and overly complicated citations. You want to write a family history that your relatives will actually read, even if you lack the talent of creating writing. We believe that you deserve actionable information, a visual learning experience, and a few laughs along the way.


Marian’s interest in genetic genealogy began from her own MPE. She then became a search angel and has applied the science of DNA and genetic genealogy to solve cases of unknown parentage for individuals and adoptees. As a genetic genealogist, Marian realized solving cases was her “calling” in life, and recently decided to combine her genetic genealogy experience, strong sense of justice, and passion for forensic investigations, to partner with law enforcement agencies to solve cold cases. She has a BA, MA in Counseling Psychology and is a member of numerous genealogical societies and associations.