Interacting with Narcissistic Family


After a DNA surprise, it can be difficult to interact with the family you grew up with and your new family, but this is significantly more complicated when dealing with narcissistic people in these often delicate and emotional situations. First, we chat with Amanda Robbins, Ph.D, who specializes in narcissism, and then Megan Hunter, co-founder and CEO of the High Conflict Institute who walks us through de-escalation techniques.

Amanda’s first career was as an artist and academic. She completed a Master’s and a PhD in visual arts and her research looked at the history of psychiatry, and painting and drawing as a meditative process. In her research, she kept coming back to the idea of development and growing up and the importance of emotional security and identity during this time. She often works with the children of narcissistic parents. Amanda herself was raised by a narcissistic mother. With the help of psychotherapy, self-compassion and reflection, she healed her own wounds and brings a unique perspective when helping others in this situation.

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Megan is a speaker, author, and co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the High Conflict Institute. She has trained professionals and delivered keynotes to large groups on high conflict behaviors since 2008 in the U.S. and in 7 countries, and lead HCI’s diverse team of professional staff across three continents. She has strong leadership, policy and training experience during her eight years at the Arizona Supreme Court, Administrative Office of the Courts as Family Law Specialist. She is founder and publisher of Unhooked Media, a publishing company focused on relationship and conflict revolution and author and/or co-author of several books:
  • BIFF at Work
  • Hiring Radar
  • Dating Radar
  • High Conflict People in the Church
  • The High Conflict CoParenting Survival Guide
  • Dating Radar
  • Bait & Switch